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    ETH Zürich

    Master of Science, Computer Science
    Sep. ’21  Present

    University of Utah

    Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
    CGPA 4/4 (Summa Cum Laude)
    May ’21


    A Grounded Conceptual Model for Ownership Types in Rust

    Will Crichton, Gavin Gray, Shriram Krishnamurthi

    Debugging Trait Errors as Logic Programs

    Gavin Gray, Will Crichton
    (workshop) HATRA’23


    Brown University

    Jun. ’23  Aug. ’23
    • Extended the the Rust the trait-solver implementation, Chalk, to support proof tree construction.
    • Researched interactive debugging techniques and UI designs for debugging type errors.
    • Advised by Will Crichton and Shriram Krishnamurthi.

    ETH Zürich

    May. ’22  Sep. ’22
    • Spearheaded the memory-safety verification of the Scion router prototype.
    • Fixed 2 safety-critical memory vulnerabilities using the automated verifier Gobra.
    • Advised by João Pereira and Peter Müller.

    Goldman Sachs

    Software engineering intern
    Jun. ’21  Aug. ’21
    • Integrated Access Fintech into the GS reconciliation platform using Java, Kafka, and Pure.
    • Reduced human actions by 40% and increased data availability across business units.

    Epic Systems Corporation

    Software developer intern
    Jun. ’20  Aug. ’20
    • Implemented and tested various metrics to determine physician similarity.
    • Deployed a physician suggestion engine into the Epic Earth platform using C#, Python, and Flask.

    University of Utah School of Medicine

    Research Assistant
    Aug. ’19  May. ’21
    • Improved radio communication stability for the wireless ranging enabled node (WREN) network by 13% using nesC and distributed consensus algorithms.


    Functional programmingLisp, Racket, OCaml
    Systems programmingC/C++, Rust
    Web developmentTypeScript, React, HTML, CSS
    Research interestsPL design, compilers, formal methods, HCI
    LanguagesEnglish, Brazilian Portuguese, German


    • Implemented a compiler plugin to automatically generate visualizations of Rust ownership types. Deployed online in The Rust Book Experiment used by 50,000+ Rust learners.
    • Engineered an implementation of the Optimization by Particle swarm Using Surrogates (OPUS) framework achieving a 4% (flop/cycle) speedup over existing implementations.
    • Achieved a 3.75% performance (flop/cycle) increase compared to optimized implementations of the Parallel Ripple Search pathfinding algorithm.



    • Impelemented a subset of the R6RS Scheme specification emphasizing hygienic macro expansion.

    AHJ Registry

    Django, MySQL, Vue.js

    • Web application facilitating the obtaining of and applying for a construction permit in the USA.
    • Bachelor's thesis project, currently maintained by Sunspec Alliance.


    Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (x2)

    AssistantETH Zürich
    Fall ’22 / ’23

    Data Modeling and Databases

    AssistantETH Zürich
    Spring ’22

    Database Systems

    AssistantUniversity of Utah
    Spring ’21

    Software Practice (x2)

    AssistantUniversity of Utah
    Fall ’20 / Spring ’21

    Digital Circuits (x2)

    AssistantUtah State University
    Fall ’17 / Spring ’18


    UoU-Computer Science Outstanding Undergraduate Award2021
    Robert Henricks Scholarship2020
    University of Utah Flagship Scholarship2019
    American Nuclear Society Sophomore Scholarship2017
    ASUSU Sophomore Scholarship2017
    Utah State University Aggie Merit Scholarship2016
    Utah State Regents' Scholarship2016